In order to make a Donation to our Server you must first agree with the following terms:

When donating you may obtain a reward for supporting the server. Once you’ve donated the money.

All donations are final and non-refundable. Donations are to help keep the server alive, so we can provide a server much more stable and enjoyable. Remember that you are not obligated to donate.

For more information about donate you can contact L2 SAga Support team with one of the following ways:

  • Skype:
    (beware of scammers)

  • Live Chat:
    Use Live Chat
    here in Website

  • eMail:
    Send an email at:
    [email protected]

Only if you agree with our terms, click the button below to proceed to the donations page!




Donation Bonuses

  • All Donations from 10€ to 24€ will get a bonus of 10 %
  • All Donations from 25€ to 49€ will get a bonus of 15 %
  • All Donations from 50€ to 99€ will get a bonus of 20%
  • All Donations from 100€ to 249€ will get a bonus of 35%
  • All Donations from 250€ and up will get a bonus of 50%

All available rewards for donations can be found in Game in Donation NPC, and a few extra rewards are in the list below. Payment gateways are Paypal, and all the other ways that are included in Paymentwall like Skrill or Credit Cards (Visa etc) and SMS (and many more). Thank you for supporting our server and for helping us to keep it alive.

1 Saga Coin equals to 1 Euro