L2 Saga x15 – we wait for you ingame !

Innadril Castle Siege…

Latest Valakas Raid…

Action from the last Territory War on 24 / 10

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  • L2 medal event

    New Event with amazing Rewards – Finished

    Medal Event is Finished…With Chance to Win Elegia Armor Parts & More Rewards!! Gather medals from mobs and exchange them with VIP Gifts in NPCs on every town! 850 medals equals with 1 VIP Box VIP Box Rewards: 20 Festival Adena (100% Chance) Some of your medals back (100% Chance & Random amount of Medals) 5% Chance […]

  • lineage

    Video Contest

    Create a Promotional Video for our Server and win Saga Coins. Rewards: 35 Saga Coins for the 1st 25 Saga Coins for the 2nd Upload your Promo Video to our Facebook Page

  • lineage

    Facebook Photo Event

    Photo Event – 12/7/2015 (Until 23:59 GMT +2) Rewards: 15 Vote Coins, 50 Festival Adena, 100m Adena  Instructions: Photo Shoot Your Main Char and post the image in our Facebook Page under PhotoShoot Your Char Event image (here). Like the photo you just posted Share it with your Friends Get Rewarded Rewards will be given manually […]