Rewards for New Players!

Hello new Players.

If you are a new Player thinking of leaving your old Server and coming to us, then read carefully the below.

  • Clan Leaders

    If you are a Clan Leader and thinking of bringing your Clan to L2Saga, then for every Clan with 10 or more active Players, you and your Clanmates will receive a bonus of free Clan Level Up to Level 7 and a Pack of Adena (500m) to help you started. All you need to do is contact an Admin of L2Saga from Skype Support or Live Chat here on website to claim your Gift.

  • Individual Players

    If you are an individual Player and thinking of starting playing to our Server, then you are going to have a bonus of a free VIP Status for your Character for your first 3 days on us. VIP Status means all rates x2 (double XP, double Adena etc). It will be added automatically the first time you login to our Server.

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